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GIF animation of rotating box of physical release Cyberspace Databse by Fornax Void - coming 1st of October 2020.



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Last update: 2021-Mar-30, Tuesday

Join our Folding@home team: Team ID 243299 and help fight COVID-19 and other diseases.

"Folding@home (FAH or F@h) is a distributed computing project for performing molecular dynamics simulations of protein dynamics. Its initial focus was on protein folding but has shifted to more biomedical problems, such as Alzheimer's disease, cancer, COVID-19, and Ebola. The project uses the idle processing resources of personal computers owned by volunteers who have installed the software on their systems. Folding@home is currently based at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, under the directorship of Dr. Greg Bowman.

Folding@home reached 768 petaFLOPS, or 1.5 x86 exaFLOPS, by March 25, 2020, making it the world's first exaFLOP computing system."

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Hyperlink Collection

winworldpc.comVintage Software Archive
milkytracker.titandemo.orgMilkyTracker - Great tracker for Linux, OSX, Windows and AmigaOS 4. to Deluxe Paint for modern operating Systems. Construction Kit - Utility for creating 3D worlds in Freescape. DOS programs - An archive of DOS programs.

Online Tools
gifcities.orgSearch engine for Geocities GIFs. ASCII Figlet Generator. Images to Ansi-art. Print Simulator

Vintage Computers - Virtual Museum about historical Japanese Computers Arnold's Computer Collection website with vintage image files of vintage supercomputers

Vintage Internet
cameronsworld.netCameron's World - Epic 90s World Wide Web collage
A curated archive of old Websites Machine - Explore more than 411 billion web pages saved over time
skins.webamp.orgWinamp Skin Museum - Infinite scroll through 65k Winamp skins with interactive preview

fornaxvoid.comFornax Void - Music and Visual art for the cyberspace and beyond.
spamm.frSuper Art Modern Museum Smith - Computer Artworks

fornaxvoid.bandcamp.comFornax Void
No Death
percivalpembroke.bandcamp.comPercival Pembroke

Games (Freeware) a Steel Sky (Freeware)

Shadow Wolf Cyberzine

DOS Haven Tools - Game creation and programming tools for DOS. of C++ graphics in MS-DOS

Fonts mode, system and BIOS fonts from DOS-era IBM PCs and compatibles.
Mode Seven - free type face based on the Teletext bitmap font. and Unicode version of the IBM PC font.

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